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Established in 2013, AWL has been providing China Cross-Border supply management solutions to some of Asia’s biggest as well as emerging e-commerce players. Our exclusive alliances has enabled our partners to unlock the limitless potential of optimized and curated supply with cost effectiveness, shortened lead times, reduced cost base and agile inventory solutions.

Supplemented by a localized supply chain & technology infrastructure, AWL has been able to combine smart curated sourcing with end-to-end logistics support to offer a complete suite of sourcing solutions


On-boarded Vendors/Manufacturers


Units dropshipped from China per month


# of SKUs being actively managed


# of China fulfillment  centers


Category Focus

Men's & Women's Fashion

Fashion Lifestyle & Accessories

  Baby & Kids Fashion & Hardlines

Home & Kitchen


Full Suite of Services

Our solutions span the entire digital commerce value chain




Pivotal value added service of customizing product assortment as per demand suitability and benchmark quality requirements of the end-users of our partner platforms, allows us to take product aggregation to a new dimension


end-to-end supply-chain

Localized multi-location warehouses expediting back-ordered as well as inventory-bound  customer order-fulfillment

Fully scaleable and compliant B2C and B2B2C solutions in Cargo and Courier modes

Ocean and Air freight movement


tech advantage

API integrations enabling digital cataloging, real-time order/cancellation sharing and real-time inventory management.

Real-time order tracking 

Inventory management tools to predict demand and optimize inventory turns

Specialized tools: new-style suggestor, demand predictor, discovery-to-catalog builder


quality management

Comprehensive quality setup enforcing adherence to a benchmark quality standard 

Encompassing all aspects of quality management; from vendor audits, sample inspections, size remapping to sale sizes, to finished goods inspections 


fully compliant

Our sourcing solutions are build for scale and hence all components af our Cross-Border management services comply fully with the requirements of local authorities specific to goods and money flow.


POWer of branding

Self-curate from thousands of  actively managed SKUs to get ready-stock products repackaged to customized branding or  have products manufactured in customized branding at aggressive lead times. 

Innovative Inventory Optimized Models

Inhouse digital modules to facilitate inventory projections and reports

Flash Events

Ability to run daily time-based discovery events showcasing the latest seasonal styles and trends with the inventory ring-fenced at the vendors warehouse

Drop Shipment

Our customized web & mobile app Order and Inventory management panel enable  vendors to manage inventory and fulfill orders in real-time.

SugarRush: Inhouse Baby & Kid's fast fashion apparel & accessories brand
Consignment Mode

Our localized warehousing network allows vendors to consign stock for fast moving SKUs for faster order fulfillment.

Private Labels

The added option of validating the sell through of new products and styles prior to getting them produced in customized branding at aggressive      lead-times 

Ministry of Style: Inhouse Mens & Womens fashion-forward apparel & accessories brand

Learn All About the Advantages that Partnering with AWL for your China supply provides you

Product Accessibility

Instant access to thousands of highly productive QC-passed SKUs from hundreds of audited vendors from all across China.

Optimized Logistics

Our integrated inland logistics, localized warehouse network and daily air cargo movements allows us to offer a complete solution at extremely competitive rates.

Fully Integrated Customizable System

Our seamless single- dashboard platform provides complete visibility and transparency over the supply chain flow and is individually customized to our partners needs.

Competitive Pricing

Our manufacturer-focused vendor base helps to undercut all intermediary layers resulting in highly competitive factory direct pricing.

Aggressive SLAs

Our reliable vendor network, seamless technology and localized logistics infrastructure allows us to commit & deliver on aggressive fulfilment rates and shipment processing days.

Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive Quality checkpoints assure that the products are delivered fast without compromising on quality

System Integrations


Order Management System

Warehouse Management System

Shipping & Fullfilment 

Logistics Infrastructure

In-house Logistics Services

•Warehouse Service

•EOR Service

•Cross-Border Trucking

•Customs Clearance

•Shipment Tracking

•IOR Service

•Logistics Network Optimization

•First Mile Domestic Trucking

•International Ocean/Air Courier/Cargo Transportation

•Last Mile Delivery

3PL Logistics Services

Container Trailer Service Coverage

First Mile Trucking Network
AWL Warehouses

3PL Warehouses

Robust Local Logistics Support

In-house Logistics Services

  • ​Order Fulfillment Centers

  • Warehouses Optimized for Drop-Ship/Consignment/Inventory modes

  • Cross-Border Trucking

  • Export Documentation/Clearance

  • Real Time Order Tracking

  • Logistics Network Optimization

  • Overseas Import Services*

  • (*for select countries only)

In-house Logistics Services

  • First Mile Domestic Trucking

  • International Ocean/Air Courier/Cargo Transportation

  • Last Mile Delivery

3PL Logistics Services


India Focus

AWL brings proven expertise in the area of smart sourcing & curatorial services for the Indian market.

In the past sourcing collaboration with, AWL sourced merchandise contributed to greater than 65% of their’s overall GMV as of Jan 2018.


In the current mandate with Paytmmall, AWL acts as the sole gateway for all fashion & lifestyle China cross-border movement for the kids, men's and women's segments.



Offering Chinese sellers a transparent, highly cost-optimized end-to-end supply-chain solution for multi-channel distribution in the Indian online and offline market. 

Leveraging on our network of distribution options in India, sellers consign stock to our India warehouse and sell on mu



Fully-Scaleable Highly Optimized 

  • Inland Transportation in China

  • Multi-location Warehousing (dropship  order fullfilment/ sell or return) 

  • Quality Control

  • EOR (China & Hong Kong)  - Local Customs Compliance

  • Cross Border Trucking

  • Air/Ocean Freight forwarding to India - Cargo/Courier

  • IOR (India) - Customs Compliance

  • Warehousing in India 

  • Last Mile Delivery, Reverve Logistics, Liquidation Options

Catalog Curation

Merchandising team’s deep understanding of the sensitivities of the Indian customer enables strong product assortment and Private Label development.

Compliant Payment Routing

Our Inhouse End to End supply chain enables us to provide a fully complaint, reliable and extremely scalebale solution for payment services between India and China

Demand Generation

Our partnerships with key online marketplaces in India enable us to agrregate demand for our suppliers facilitating better commercials


Implemention of our comprehensive Quality control checkpoints along with the Size Standardization & India size mapping process accross vendros has resulted in significant reduction in Return rates and increase in NPS


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We bring technology and operational solutions to scale your corss-border business via multi-channel retail and supply chain operations in a sustainably scaleable manner

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